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Hypertension Videos

Educational Videos about High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

Hypertension or chronically raised high blood pressure is known as the silent killer for in the majority of cases it produces no symptoms. The consequences of living for an extended period of time with the heart having to work harder to pump blood around the body coupled with the effects of straining the small delicate blood vessels and capillaries can be fatal. Hypertension is a major contributory factor to heart attack, blindness, stroke, kidney and liver damage and many other diseases and conditions.

Though hypertension may not produce any symptoms (subjective perceived disorders - pain, nausea, dizziness etc.) in the early stages it does produce signs (medically observable and measurable changes in the way the body functions). Medical practitioners will use a device called a Sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure, this works by inflating a cuff around the arm up to a certain measurable pressure which will matches that of the pressure of the blood in the arteries and veins in the arm. Once your blood pressure has been measured, commonly two measurements in mm of mercury - systolic and diastolic pressure - your doctor can compare this to a chart of typical blood pressure readings for an individual of your weight, age and to determine if your blood ris within the normal range or elevated. A personal blood pressure cuff can be a valuable tool in self diagnosing and managing this condition.

You can have high blood pressure for a long time before it is diagnosed, that is why education is all important. You need to be aware of the effects of Hypertension and the problems it can cause and how these can be prevented. In our busy connected lives the the internet provides many valuable resources such as the videos amalgamated here to learn more about this deadly condition. To learn more about Hypertension and High Blood Pressure simply scroll through the videos in the right hand pane and click on one to play.

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